New Perspectives on Qualitative Methods in the Cognitive and Functional Study of Language

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New Perspectives on Qualitative Methods in the Cognitive and Functional Study of Language

Organized by The Linguistic Association of Finland
The University of Turku, August 29–30, 2019/strike>

Over the last two decades, cognitive and functional linguistics have experienced remarkable methodological changes in the study of grammar: large corpora and quantitative methods have entered the field and, indeed, almost become the mainstay. However, careful analysis of small(ish) corpora is still required in order to draw a more comprehensive picture of language structure. The objective of this symposium is to reflect on the potential and possibilities offered by qualitative methods in contemporary cognitive and functional studies of different grammatical phenomena. How could these methods be developed in order to obtain better – more reliable, interesting, and versatile – results? What new kinds of interplay between qualitative and quantitative methods could be created?

The symposium aims at providing a forum for the discussion of qualitative methods in the study of language. The talks will focus above all on the research process. How was the research conducted, and why? What was new in the methodological setting? What role does the choice of methods play in the interpretation of results? We also welcome proposals for data sessions and hands-on presentations of methodological solutions.

Possible topics for talks and posters may relate (but are not restricted) to the following aspects of linguistic methods within the framework of functional linguistics:

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Abstract submission

Anonymous abstracts of no more than 500 words, excluding data and references, should be submitted by April 20, 2019 May 13, 2019. The abstracts will be evaluated by the members of the organizing and scientific committees. Authors will be notified of the acceptance of their abstract by May 22, 2019. The talks should not exceed 30 minutes: 20 min for presentation and 10 min for discussion (including the 2-3 minutes needed for changing rooms between talks).

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