SKY Journal of Linguistics, vol 15:2002 SKY:n sivuille

Edited by Seppo Kittilä, Jouni Rostila and Ulla Tuomarla, ISSN 1456-8438



Marija M. Brala:
The Semantics and Grammar of 'Motion'. Evidence from Croatian Prefixes vs. Prepositions Abstract

Magdalena Charzyñska-Wójcik:
The Syntax of Old English Experiencer Verbs Abstract

Kimmo Granqvist:
Finnish Romani Phonology and Dialect Geography Abstract

Ekaterina Gruzdeva:
The Linguistic Consequences of Nivkh Language Attrition Abstract

Jarmo Jantunen:
Comparable Corpora in Translation Studies: Strengths and Limitations Abstract

Juhani Järvikivi & Jussi Niemi:
Allomorphs as Paradigm Indices: On-line Experiments with Finnish Free and Bound Stems Abstract

William McGregor:
Structural Changes in Language Obsolescence: A Kimberley (Australia) Perspective Abstract

Helka Riionheimo:
How to Borrow a Bound Morpheme? Evaluating the Status of Structural Interference in a Contact between Closely-related Languages Abstract

Pauli Salo:
Lexical Atomism and the Principle of (Psycho)semantic Compositionality Abstract

Nikolai Vakhtin:
Language Death Prognosis: A Critique of Judgement Abstract

Doris Wagner:
Papier-Bier: Adjektive zur Beschreibung des Bieres in der deutschen Bierplakat-Werbung Abstract

Book Review

Angela Bartens:
F.K. Erhard Voeltz & Christina Kilian-Hatz (eds.): Ideophones

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