Yearbook of the Linguistic Association of Finland, vol 3:1990SKY:n sivuille

Edited by Jokinen Kristiina & Östman Jan-Ola, ISSN 1456-8438

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This is the electronic version of the print-only 1990 Yearbook. Only the articles and sections for which we have received permission to publish online are available. If you are the author of one of the articles or sections not available online, and you would like to have it available on this site, please contact us.


Preface and table of contents of Yearbook of the Linguistic Association of Finland 3 (1990)
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Anttila Arto:
Three approaches to describing conversion
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Carlson Lauri:
Design of unification-based transfer lexicon

Ejerhed Eva:
On corpora and lexica

Heinämäki Orvokki:
Comments on Sini Koivalo-Aydin's article
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Hellan Lars:
TROLL - a brief presentation

Jarvella Bob:
Units below the word-level in printed word recognition

Jokinen Kristiina:
Derivation and the two-level model
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Koivalo-Aydin Sini:
Finnish vowel harmony

Malm Anja:
On sign language lexicography

Nyman Martti:
Word Grammar and double dependencies: tracing an immunization strategy

Piitulainen M-L:
Zum Ausdruck des Sterbens in finnisch- und deutschsprachigen Todesanzeigen
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Vilkuna Maria:
Unification-based lexical transfer
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Aydin Ali:
A far-fetched context


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