SKY Journal of Linguistics, vol 24:2011SKY:n sivuille

Edited by Mark Kaunisto, Rea Peltola, Mia Raitaniemi, Erika Sandman & Katja Västi. ISSN 1456-8438

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Table of contents of SKY JoL 24 (2011)
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External Reviewers of SKY JoL 24 (2011)
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Mohammed N. Al-Ali & Yara B. Sahawneh:
Rhetorical and Textual Organization of English and Arabic PhD Dissertation Abstract in Linguistics
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Grégory Furmaniak:
On the Emergence of the Epistemic Use of Must
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Pentti Haddington, Jarmo H. Jantunen & Jari Sivonen:
Language and Affect: Go-Say and Come-Say Constructions in Finnish
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Ana Ojea:
On Mixed Categories: The Case of Free Relatives
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Susan Schlotthauer:
Kontaktinduzierter Sprachwandel im Bereich der estnischen Verbrektion? Teil II: Verbkomplemente in Form von Adpositionalphrasen
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Pauli Brattico:
The Diehard Extended Projection Principle
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Book Reviews:

Wołowska, Katarzyna (2007a): Le paradoxe en langue et en discours.
Compte rendu de Christophe Cusimano
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Response by Maria Kela to the review of Kalle Korhonen in SKY JoL 23 (2010) [ download review]
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