SKY Journal of Linguistics, vol 30:2017SKY:n sivuille

edited by Maija Hirvonen, Johanna Isosävi, Milla Luodonpää-Manni, Kaarina Mononen & Mirka Rauniomaa. ISSN 1456-8438

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Table of contents of SKY JoL 30 (2017)
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Reviewers of SKY JoL 30 (2017)
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Carl Börstell:
Types and trends of name signs in the Swedish Sign Language community
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Dave Sayers & Petra Lea Láncos:
(Re)defining linguistic diversity: What is being protected in European language policy
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Liana Tronci:
The dynamics of linguistic contact: Ancient Greek -ízein and Latin -issāre/-izāre/idiāre
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Melike Uzal, Erkki Komulainen, Mehmet Akif Kɩlɩç & Olli Aaltonen:
Detection of non-native speech in a familiar language and in an unfamiliar language
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Tommi Jantunen:
Fixed and NOT free: Revisiting the order of the main clausal constituents in Finnish Sign Language from a corpus perspective
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Charlotte Selleck:
Ethnographic chats: A best of both method for ethnography
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Book reviews:

Mikhail Mikhailov & Robert Cooper. Corpus linguistics for translation and contrastive studies: A guide for research
Reviewed by Olli O. Silvennoinen
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