A Man of Measure: Festschrift in Honour of Fred Karlsson on his 60th Birthday

a special supplement to

SKY Journal of Linguistics, vol 19:2006SKY:n sivuille

Edited by Mickael Suominen, Antti Arppe, Anu Airola, Orvokki Heinämäki, Matti Miestamo, Urho Määttä, Jussi Niemi, Kari K. Pitkänen and Kaius Sinnemäki, ISSN 1796-279X

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A Man of Measure
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Biography: Jussi Niemi & Urho Määttä:
Fred Karlsson: Innovations and Empirical Perspectives in Linguistics
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Publications of Fred Karlsson
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Tabula Gratulatoria
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Theory and Methodology

Andrew Chesterman:
Interpreting the Meaning of Translation
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Auli Hakulinen & Pentti Leino:
Genre fennistiikassa
[ download article ]

Erhard W. Hinrichs & Sandra Kübler:
What Linguists Always Wanted to Know about German and Did Not Know How to Estimate
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Irina Kauhanen:
Norms and Sociolinguistic Description
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Jouko Lindstedt:
Native Esperanto as a Test Case for Natural Language
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Per Linell:
Can We Formalise the Linguistic Resources of Interactional Language?
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Urpo Nikanne & Jan-Ola Östman:
Finland-Swedish Directionality in Conceptual Semantics and in Construction Grammar: A Methodological Dialogue
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Haldur Õim, Renate Pajusalu & Ilona Tragel:
A Short History of General Linguistics in Estonia, Slightly Biased towards Fred Karlsson
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Liisa Tiittula:
Schriftdolmetschen -- Mündlichkeit im schriftlichen Gewand
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Kalevi Wiik:
Who Are the Finns
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Phonology and Speech

Olli Aaltonen & Esa Uusipaikka:
Why Speaking Is so Easy? - Because Talking Is Like Walking with a Mouth
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Arto Anttila:
Prosodic Constraints on /-ntV/ in Finnish
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Lauri Carlson:
Parsing Spoken Dialogue
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Paul Kiparsky:
Iambic Inversion in Finnish
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Matti Leiwo, Pirjo Kulju & Katsura Aoyama:
The Acquisition of Finnish Vowel Harmony
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Markus A. Pöchtrager:
A Short Note on Finnish Diphthongs
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Morphology and Lexicon

Antti Arppe:
Frequency Considerations in Morphology, Revisited - Finnish Verbs Differ, too
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Ekaterina Gruzdeva:
How Far from Origo? or What the Distance Means for Nivkh Demonstrative Reference
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Lotta Harjula:
The Ha Noun Class System Revisited
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Pirkko Kukkonen:
Aphasic Errors as Evidence for the Mental Organization of Morphology
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Marja Leinonen:
Suomen liitepartikkeli -kin venäjän i-partikkelin vastineena
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Jussi Niemi:
Paradigm Competition in Inflection: An Experimental Note on Finnish Verbs
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Päivi Rainò:
Viittomien leksikaalisesta kuvauksesta
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Åke Viberg:
What One Verb Can Do: The Swedish Verb göra in a Crosslinguistic Perspective
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Syntax and Pragmatics

Anders Ahlqvist:
A Syntactic Similarity between Finnish and Irish
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Liisa Berghäll:
Negation in Mauwake, a Papuan Language
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Irmeli Helin:
Implication of Evidentiality in Translation
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Kristiina Jokinen & Graham Wilcock:
Contextual Inferences in Intercultural Communication
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Johanna Kuningas & Jaakko Leino:
Word Orders and Construction Grammars
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Ritva Laury:
On Subordination, Finnish-Style: Questioning the Category of Finite Clausal Complements in Spoken Finnish
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Liisa Vilkki:
Politeness, Face and Facework: Current Issues
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Linguistic Complexity

Tommi Jantunen:
The Complexity of Lexical Movements in FinSL
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Matti Miestamo:
On the Complexity of Standard Negation
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Jarno Raukko:
Polysemy as Complexity?
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Geoffrey Sampson:
Does Simple Imply Creole?
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Kaius Sinnemäki:
On Halliday's Distinction between Embedded and Hypotactic Clauses
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Language Technology

Eckhard Bick:
A Constraint Grammar Based Spellchecker for Danish with a Special
Focus on Dyslexics
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Arvi Hurskainen:
Constraint Grammar in Unconventional Use: Handling complex Swahili
idioms and proverbs
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Lauri Karttunen:
Numbers and Finnish Numerals
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Kimmo Koskenniemi:
Notes on the Two-Level Morphology
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Mehryar Mohri & Richard Sproat:
On a Common Fallacy in Computational Linguistics
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Joakim Nivre:
Two Strategies for Text Parsing
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Gábor Prószéky
Translating while Parsing
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Bengt Sigurd & Jordan Zlatev:
Motion Event Typology Meets Computational Modelling
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Anssi Yli-Jyrä:
Two Bracketing Schemes for the Penn Treebank
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