SKY Journal of Linguistics, vol 19:2006SKY:n sivuille

Edited by Pentti Haddington, Leena Kolehmainen, Mari Lehtinen and Jouni Rostila, ISSN 1456-8438

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A Note from the Editors
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Josep Alba-Salas:
Subject Control into Nominals in Romance
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Vilma Bijeikiene and Andrius Utka:
Gender-specific Features in Lithuanian Parliamentary Discourse: An Interdisciplinary Sociolinguistic and Corpus-based Study
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Eliecer Crespo Fernández:
The Language of Death: Euphemism and Conceptual Metaphorization in Victorian Obituaries
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Anna Fenyvesi and Gyula Zsigri:
The Role of Perception in Loanword Adaptation: The Fate of Initial Unstressed Syllables in American Finnish and American Hungarian
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Youssef A. Haddad:
Dialect and Standard in Second Language Phonology: The Case of Arabic
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Rigina Turunen:
Complex Morphosyntactic Features of Nominal Predicates in Erzya
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Diana Yankova:
Semantic Relations in Statutory Texts: A Study of English and Bulgarian
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Remarks and Replies:

Fred Karlsson:
On the Principles of Grammar Writing
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Becky Butler Thompson:
The Pharyngeal Hierarchy
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Ulla Vanhatalo:
Is there Synonymy between Finnish Idioms—and How to Describe or Measure it?
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Book Reviews:

Hutchby, Ian (2006) Media Talk: Conversation Analysis and the Study of Broadcasting. Glasgow: Open University Press. Pp. xiii, 185.
Reviewed by Pentti Haddington
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Ian Lockerbie, Ines MoLinaro, Karim Larose and Leigh Oakes (2005) French as the Common Language in Québec. History, Debates and Positions. Québec: Éditions Nota Bene. (Collection New Perspectives in Québec Studies). Pp. 202.
Reviewed by Wim Remysen
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John H. McWhorter (2005) Defining Creole. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Pp. 444.
Reviewed by Angela Bartens
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