SKY Journal of Linguistics, vol 25:2012SKY:n sivuille

Edited by Pauli Brattico, Mia Raitaniemi, Tiina Keisanen, Erika Sandman & Saija Merke. ISSN 1456-8438

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Table of contents of SKY JoL 25 (2012)
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External Reviewers of SKY JoL 25 (2012)
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Gabriela Alboiu & Virginia Hill:
Early Modern Romanian and Wackernagel’s Law
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Pauli Brattico:
Structural Case Assignment and Phi-Agreement in Finnish
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Brian Fell:
Applicatives and Incorporation in Ubykh
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Mikko Heikkilä:
Kaleva and his Sons from Kalanti – On the Etymology of Certain Names in Finnic Mythology
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Nivedita Kumari & S. Devaki Reddy:
(In)directness of Requesting in Hindi
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Helena Metslang:
On the Case-Marking of Existential Subjects in Estonian
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Johanna Viimaranta:
Analogy or Conceptual Metaphor? Coming Concretely and Abstractly Close in Uses of the Russian Prefix pod-
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Inka Wissner:
Les grands corpus du français moderne : des outils pour étudier le lexique diatopiquement marqué ?
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Kalyanamalini Sahoo:
Telicity vs. Perfectivity: A Case Study of Odia Complex Predicates
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Book Reviews:

La Fauci, Nunzio & Mirto, Ignazio M. (2010 [2003]) Fare. Elementi di sintassi.
Compte rendu de Samuel Bidaud
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Response by Kalle Korhonen to the Response of Maria Kela in SKY JoL 24 (2011) [ download Korhonen's response ] [ download Kela's 2011 response]

Rice, Curt and Sylvia Blaho (eds.) (2009) Modeling Ungrammaticality in Optimality Theory.
Reviewed by Michael T. Putnam
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