SKY Journal of Linguistics, vol 16:2003SKY:n sivuille

Edited by Haddington Pentti, Kittilä Seppo, Rostila Jouni & Tuomarla Ulla, ISSN 1456-8438

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A note from the editors and table of contents of SKY Journal of Linguistics 16 (2003)
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Adrjan Pawel and Muñoz-Basols Javier:
The Sound of Humor: Linguistic and Semantic Constraints in the Translation of Phonological Jokes
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Elordui Agurtzane:
Variation in the Grammar of Endangered Languages: The Case of Two Basque Dialects
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Gergel Remus:
Modal Syntax: Detecting its Parameters with VP-Ellipsis
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Hokkanen Tapio:
Interruption and Timing in Self initiated Repairs

Ingham Richard:
The Changing Status of Middle English OV Order: Evidence from Two Genres

Kulikov Leonid:
The Labile Syntactic Type in a Diachronic Perspective: The Case of Vedic
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Panic Olga:
Brand Names: A Linguistic Phenomenon
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Pyykkönen Pirita, Niemi Jussi & Järvikivi Juhani:
Sentence Structure, Temporal Order and Linearity: Slow Emergence of Adult-like Syntactic Performance in Finnish

Song Jae Jung:
Resumptive Genitive Pronouns in Korean Relative Clauses: Distribution and Explanation
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Wichmann Søren :
The Grammaticalization and Reanalysis of a Paradigm of Auxiliaries in Texistepec Popoluca: A Case Study in Diachronic Adaptation
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Ylikoski Jussi:
Defining Non-finites: Action Nominals, Converbs and Infinitives
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Book reviews:

Larjavaara Meri:
Bernd Heine & Tania Kuteva (2002) World Lexicon of Grammaticalization.
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Palviainen Santeri:
Kalevi Wiik (2002) Eurooppalaisten juuret.
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