Yearbook of the Linguistic Association of Finland, vol 10:1997SKY:n sivuille

Edited by Haukioja Timo, Helasvuo Marja-Liisa & Miestamo Matti, ISSN 1456-8438

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Acknowledgements and table of contents of Yearbook of the Linguistic Association of Finland 10 (1997)
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DeLancey scott:
What an Innatist Argument Should Look Like
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Itkonen Esa:
The Social Ontology of Linguistic Meaning
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Nikanne Urpo:
Lexical Conceptual Structure and Syntactic Arguments
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Penttilä Esa:
Holistic Meaning and Cognition
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Pullum Geoffrey K. & Scholz Barbara C.:
Theoretical Linguistics and the Ontology of Linguistic Structure
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Raukko Jarno:
The Status of Polysemy in Linguistics: From Discrete Meanings to Default Flexibility
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Solin Anna:
Debating Theoretical Assumptions: Readings of Critical Linguistics
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