SKY Journal of Linguistics, vol 14:2001SKY:n sivuille

Edited by Haukioja Timo, Herlin Ilona Kittilä Seppo, ISSN 1456-8438

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This is the electronic version of the print-only volume 14 of the SKY Journal of Linguistics. Only the articles and sections for which we have received permission to publish online are available. If you are the author of one of the articles or sections not available online, and you would like to have it available on this site, please contact us.


Acknowledgements and table of contents of SKY Journal of Linguistics 14 (2001)
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Bhattacharya Tanmoy, Hanybabu M.T. & Sahoo Kalyanamalini:
Grammaticalization of auxiliaries in South Asian languages

Blansitt Edward L. Jr:
On defining auxiliary verb

Bultinck Bert:
English numerals as a lexical category: The case of zero

Itkonen Esa:
Concerning the universality of the noun vs. verb distinction
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Leisiö Larisa:
Integration and gender assignment in Finland Russian
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Länsisalmi Riikka:
You and I in Japanese: What do "personal pronouns" do in Japanese discourse?
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Nicol Fabrice:
Lexical constraints on the syntactic derivation of French inalinable possession constructions

Book reviews:

Kolehmainen Leena:
Anke Lüdeling: On particle verbs and similar constructions in German
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